Tech IS Review, Job Placement, and Curriculum Guide


Many of the students feel that choosing technical education is a big commitment and ask yourself: Is this program worth investing my time and money? Do I suit this career track, and will I reap benefits in the future? And what about the jobs in the industry? Here we come with a comprehensive Tech IS Review for the benefit of students.

Best Bootcamp, we do the best: Present you with the best reviews about the boot camps available in the industry. This Techis Review is bound to give you the required information about the school.

After carefully scrutinizing the leading players in the industry, we have decided to talk about TECH IS. Is the coding boot camp at TECHIS worth it? How does it help a student with a career change? Let’s find out.

Is TECH IS Bootcamp Worth it?

TECH IS Features

In a nutshell, Yes! Now, you are thinking, “Why?” Here are some interesting aspects that we feel make it a decent coding boot camp to start with:

  • TECH IS Web Development & Data Science Bootcamps reduce the time taken to learn
    foundational programming skills.
  • It offers additional training such as Career Development, Soft Skills Training, and essential real-
    world skills.
  • TECHIS Programs allow you to network with professionals in the industry.
  • Lastly, tech is firmly claims that their students can advance their careers and increase their salary potential.

How much does a Coding Bootcamp at TECH IS Cost?

Upon inspection, their website states that they provide Income Sharing Agreement(ISA) as the sole form of fee repayment.

With the ISA option, you don’t have to pay a single penny to take up the course. Instead, they charge 15% of your salary once you land a job with a minimum of $40,000 pay for three years with a maximum payment limit of up to USD 30,000.

The bootcamp followed the ISA method after most students preferred it over other methods of payment as ISA is risk-free, and they only need to pay after they get their jobs. So, the risk is low and lets you advance in your career with 0% pressure.

TECH IS Bootcamp Locations: The USA & International

TECH IS Locations

As per our research, TECHIS conducts exclusive 1-on-1 online-based classes. They function 24/7 throughout the year, and they provide individual doubt sessions which the students can utilize 3 to 4 times per day.

We feel that TECH IS has the edge over other programming schools with this feature because doubts pop-up anytime, and getting it clarified at that very moment allows a person to get a grip over the subject.

As per their website, TECHIS is headquartered in Japan and has branches in the US and India. With chapters in three crucial locations, TECH IS covers a wide area globally and has over 600 students currently taking their courses.

TECH IS Review

TECH IS Reviews

TECHIS has got great reviews on various platforms and appreciable feedback from its students., a Danish consumer review platform, displays a 4.4 Star Rating given by TECH IS consumers. This rating gives a clear indication of the customer’s voice and informs us about its value. Indeed, a clear indicator of what you can expect out of TECHIS.

TECH IS’s Japanese website has got a rating of 4.5 stars on Google, and most of them being positive reviews with students who are happy with their services. They display considerable potential in changing people’s lives.

A students’ approval has boosted the TechIS Review, and the credibility of this coding school is always on the rise.

How is Job Placement after TECH IS Courses?

TECH IS Job Placement

Job placements are one of the most significant and enticing features of a programming school. It helps you to get a good-paying job and head starts in your career. It provides the student with a sense of achievement and a morale boost. Let’s find out what TECH IS in store.

TechIS claims to provide its students with placement assistance. When it comes to the software industry, job placement rates are high. After getting in contact with their officials, our team got to know that they hold a vast network of HR Executives and Consultants who recruit for big brands such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, CISCO, and so on.
There are some career paths that a student can choose with TECH IS:

  •  Web Development
  • Data Science

Be sure to make use of their job support offered by their Career Counsellors.

The Curriculum of TECH IS Bootcamp

TECH IS Curriculum

From our research, TECHIS has a robust and well-structured curriculum strategically formed to aid beginners in beginning their coding journey. Their syllabus aims to sharpen the student’s skillset and drive them to master their skill set.

Their Web Development Curriculum covers essential topics such as HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and SQL. Once the students learn them and start coding, they would have gained a fair amount of experience in front-end and back-end technologies.

When it comes to Data Science, they cover essential tools such as Python, SQL, Statistics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP), which are also viewed as in-demand skills today.

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TECH IS Income Share Agreement

An Income Share Agreement is a financial plan where an individual or an organization provides something of value to a recipient, who, in exchange, agrees to pay back a percentage of their income for a certain period. In short, ISAs are debt-free alternatives to loans.

So, if you are looking to take up the boot camp at Tech IS, they provide you with live tutoring classes with a $0 Upfront fee based on ISA. You don’t pay them back until you land a job that pays you higher than $40K per annum. After that, you pay them 15% of your monthly salary for 48 months, with $30,000 being the maximum payment limit.

We feel that this option enables students to achieve their goals without financially burdening and pressurizing them with the thought of repayment.

Comparison with other Programming Bootcamps

There are over 500 code schools globally. We highly recommend students to do their research before choosing the right school carefully. Pay attention to the price, time commitment, and the technology taught by the schools before enrolling yourself in their programs.

Most of the schools charge up to a $20,000 fee upfront. Analyze what the code school offers and calculate which of them provide the best Return on Investment for the time, money, and effort you put in.

Coming to TECH IS, they provide 24/7 assistance throughout the year, which we think makes this code school stand apart from others. They have also got industry experts who have worked with tech titans such as Google, Facebook, and IBM, who can help you hone your skills!

Final Note

We do not endorse or support any coding school. Our reviews are unbiased and honest opinion about that organization based on the information gathered from industry-related resources.

That being said, we find TECH IS to be a radical organization that has changed many students’ career paths, and we hope it continues to do so. We recommend you to give them a try and find out how they can help you transform your future. Hope you found this TechIS Review useful and share this with people who would find this useful.

For those of you who have tried their services, please do share your thoughts in the comment section below.