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Here we are! With another showdown between two stalwarts in the industry. Tech IS is relatively newer compared to App Academy. But, will Techis take on the established App Academy? Keep reading Tech IS vs App Academy to know more about the epic clash between the titans.




With TECH IS, a student can either choose to opt for either a full payment option where they have to pay $20,000 upfront or decide to pay them back through ISA. They provide students with live tutoring classes with a $0 Upfront fee based on ISA. Students don’t have to pay them around until they land a job that pays them higher than $50K per annum. After that, students pay them 15% of their monthly salary for 36 months, with $30,000 being the maximum payment limit.

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App Academy

App Academy’s on-campus programs take 16-weeks to complete, and for that program, they charge a $3000 Deposit and an ISA option to cover the Coding Bootcamp expenses. A student can also opt for a Hybrid payment option or go ahead and pay an upfront fee of $17,000. When a student opts for 24-Weeks classes, they can opt for a Zero Deposit ISA option to start tuition fee repayment after landing on a job that pays them a minimum of $50,000. The students need to pay 15% of their salary for three years, with a maximum payment limit of $31,000. 




TECH IS has two courses, namely, Web Development and Data Science Program. Both the courses’ duration varies from 3 to 6 months. The Web Dev Course focuses on both front-end and back-end programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django, Python, and SQL. On the other hand, Data Science focuses on Python, SQL, Statistics, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. 

App Academy

App Academy has got both a 24-Week and 16-week Online Program that teaches Web Development. It aims at creating Full-Stack Developers with programming skills such as JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS. Students also get trained with ReactJS, Express, Flask, and SQL Alchemy.

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When it comes to TECH IS, they have a more welcoming approach towards the students. TECH IS doesn’t have strict entry points and allows students from all backgrounds to train in Web Development. The estimated acceptance rate is 8%. The school believes in the motto, “Anyone can code.” It’s interesting to see the method taken towards students since it shows the school’s commitment towards making the students employable.

App Academy

App Academy has a lot of barriers to entry in comparison. The student has to fill in the application, attend a non-technical assessment, do a coding challenge, and then take up technical and fit interviews to get selected — a tedious process for those who simply want to learn to code. The acceptance rate for App Academy stands at 3%. We’ve reached midway of the Tech IS vs App Academy showdown. Keep reading further for better reading.




TECH IS has 24/7 access to tutors throughout the course. Apart from a comfortable session duration, the student can also get access to teachers round the clock. No one ever knows when doubt can pop up. With TECH IS, it’s pretty much possible for students to get their doubts cleared any time of the day. 

App Academy

App Academy conducts rigid 9 to 5 classes with 40-60 students in each cohort. Sometimes the lessons can divert from the discussion due to another student’s perspective or doubts they want to get clarified. Personalized learning is likely not to happen. 




Tech IS is a real trendsetter when it comes to class timings. A student who has joined Tech IS is required to spend a minimum of 20 hours per week. That makes it 1.5 to 2 hours a day. Regarding the total duration required to complete their Programming Bootcamp, one may spend 3 to 6 months depending on their proficiency level.

App Academy

App Academy has two class schedules: the 24-Week online live classes and the other being 16-week classes. The classes are relatively similar, with students having to spend around 8 – 10 hours every day. The total duration of both formats is four months and seven months, respectively. 




As per their website, TECH IS is headquartered in Japan and has branches in the US and India. With chapters in three crucial locations, the school covers a wide area globally and has over 600 students currently taking their courses. Predominantly, Tech IS holds Online Live Classes for the convenience of its students.

App Academy

From the beginning, App Academy always had Live In-Person classes where the students had to visit the campus’s physical location to attend their classes. After the global pandemic outbreak, App Academy has decided to move all their campus classes to fully-remote live courses. This move has won appreciation from the App Academy Community. 


Tech IS, the new biggie in the block, does put up a good fight with the well-established App Academy. Competitive Pricing, Course Options, Global Locations, Accessibility, and Flexibility are some of the competing areas that make our heads turn towards Tech IS. App Academy has a good credibility and has earned trust in this industry. Though both the schools have their accomplishments, it’s up to the candidate to choose what suits them better. We have covered all the important aspects of Tech IS vs App Academy.

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