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What do you generally look for when you are about to join a school, college, or any educational institution? Most of the students look for Access to Prospective Employers, Experience, and Quality of Life. When it comes to job placement, students improve their skills and knowledge, accelerating their maturity and self-awareness, and enhanced employment prospects. Since we have discussed what a student looks for when they want to join a coding bootcamp or any educational institution, we will talk about TECH IS Location and Job Placement in this comprehensive guide.

TECH IS Locations

Techis locations

Since the onset of the global pandemic, COVID19, many educational institutions have faced adverse situations, including tutoring students. But, from the very beginning, TECH IS had designed its educational system around online learning. 

According to various sources, In the United States, online education has become a popular way to earn a college degree while balancing family and professional duties. From the year 2002 to 2010, the number of US students enrolled in at least one online (also called distance learning) class more than tripled, with nearly 20 million logging on from home, the library, or the local coffee shop.

Learning systems are continually changing and give people opportunities to step into education by providing them various options to enroll in courses that suit them with practical learning and increased flexibility.

TECHIS Online Learning Platform

Learn Anywhere, Anytime

One of the essential features for Online Learning at TECH IS is, “Learn Anywhere, Anytime!” Students who need many duties and commitments, balancing it with online classes, are much more manageable than regular colleges. A student who has enrolled in online courses with TECHIS has to spend only 1.5 to 2 hours daily. Accessing class materials and submitting assignments is effortless since everything is online. The student has the liberty to choose when and where to take up classes and do their tasks.

Focus on Ideas

Students who take up online classes have to deal less with Non-Verbal Communication such as Body Language hindering the teacher’s delivery of the message. In a regular classroom, the teacher’s body language has a significant impact on the students. Education is more about ideas, and online classes eliminate physical distractions that can cloud rational judgment.

1-on-1 Sessions

Most of us have been in a classroom with a minimum of 30 other students receiving no attention from the teacher. There will be no individual attention provided to students when there are too many students; thus, students fail to master the subject, eventually failing. But with one-on-one instruction, students will have a high-quality education, frequent monitoring of grades, and avoiding distractions.

Flexible Learning Schedule

Not all of us want to sit in one place for hours together. But when one is in a regular college or university, they may have to sit for an extended time. But, when it comes to TECH IS’ Online Courses, students don’t have to spend hours on long lectures. Students are allowed to experience as much as information they’re capable of handling in one session without excessing stuffing of unwanted information. They can also choose when they want to attend classes within a given time frame.


TECHIS Program costs lesser than an average college degree in the US. Most colleges charge $108,000 for a 4-year CS Degree on an average. But with TECH IS, a student can pay up to $0 as an upfront fee and can get trained to be a coder. Apart from tuition fees, a student can cut down on commuting costs, parking, hostel, etc., 

Instructor Availability

While students studying in regular colleges might find difficulty talking with their tutors after class hours. Since most of the lecturers have strict office hours and getting doubts cleared can be a monumental task. But in online classes, students can get their doubts cleared with the instructors since most of the courses are one-on-one sessions and tutors have a lot of available time due to the advancement of web-based technologies. 

Physical Locations

Apart from online classes, TECHIS is available in multiple locations across the globe. With HeadQuarters in Tokyo, Japan, TECH IS operates from the USA and India. With quality tutoring catering to various students from different countries, TECHIS has an enhanced coaching style and is highly adaptive. Due to the ongoing pandemic, TECH IS has reported limited staffing and curbed all in-house programs. 

Job Placement

techis job placement

Concerning Coding Bootcamps, job placement programs are one of its most highlighted features. According to research, 74% to 90% of programming school land a programming job within six to eight months of graduation. Though job placement varies throughout the bootcamp industry, one can be sure of getting placed in the IT sector, as the chances are high.

We could not find any information on placed candidates by TECHIS on their website or other media channels after thorough research. When we contacted their officials, they informed us that over 300+ candidates from their Japanese branch work in many top tech companies throughout Japan. 

That roughly sums up to 92% of their students getting graduated and placed. When enquired about their US Students, they informed us that the first batch is in the final phase of graduation. Many of their students have already started attending their interviews with top tech companies in the country. 

Apart from driving students to expose themselves to Top Tech Interviews, TECH IS claims that it trains its students with the necessary soft skills to develop their personality, employment prospects, and vital interview skills.

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