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There has been a recent boom in the Tech Education Industry. With a significant chunk of students opting for online classes, TECH IS is a recent addition to the industry with attractive features such as Expert Faculty, 24/7 support, and exciting pricing plans. Let us find out more about TECH IS Cost and ISA in this article.

Cost of TECH IS Programs

TECH IS Program Cost

TECH IS Program Cost

Most of the Coding Schools & Bootcamp have similar pricing plans. They have common payment structure as per industry standards. We’re going to talk about TECH IS’ programs and cost involved in this passage.

As per their website, TECH IS offers two courses for students: Web Development and Data Science Bootcamp. Both courses cost $30,000. But, due to the ISA mode of fee re-payment, it is $0 Upfront and 15% of income sharing for 48 months after the student lands on a job that pays $40,000 or more.

What is an ISA?

An Income Share Agreement (or ISA) is an agreement between a school and a prospective student. The school agrees to cover the student’s tuition and fees, in exchange for the student’s promise to pay the school back. 

After a student graduates, they share a set percentage of their income, but only if they find a job paying at least a pre-determined salary per year. 

For Example, A student opts for ISA and promises to pay back the school. He/she needs to start repaying the school only after he/she gets a job with a pre-determined salary, say $50,000 or $100,000 per year. 

What’s the difference between an ISA and a Traditional Loan

ISA vs Loan

A Traditional Loan is where a borrower must pay back the principal amount plus accrued interest, irrespective of future income or employment conditions. It implies that if a student who had applied for a traditional loan had lost his/her job, he/she still has to pay the monthly installment invariably. 

Failure to pay back accrued interest can lead to “Negative Authorization”. It means the principal amount increases over time. It leaves the borrower in a worse situation of paying more than the amount borrowed initially. 

In an ISA, there is no such risk of Negative Authorization, whatsoever. An ISA has neither got a Principal Balance that one has to repay nor does it carry accrued interest. Instead, the ISA-recipient agrees to pay back a fixed percentage of his/her future income in exchange for deferred tuition. 

With an ISA, a student can attend any educational program risk-free. They only pay for the course if education leads to successful employment after course completion. With the ongoing pandemic, people have drained their financial resources, and taking loans is less likely to be an option for many. 

Whereas, it is a different case for ISA. Students who wish to study can opt for an ISA and repay the agreed amount only after they start earning a pre-determined salary that both parties mutually agreed upon previously.

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Key Terms of Tech IS ISA Plan

Key Terms of TECH IS ISA

Key Terms of TECH IS ISA

Each school has its own set of terms and conditions that a student choosing ISA should agree with beforehand. This section will discuss some basic principles that a student has to follow to be eligible for ISA Plan. 

  • ISA Amount

TECH IS provides education free of cost with the help of ISA. Students who hate to pressurize themselves with an education loan can opt for an ISA. TECH IS’s Web Development and Data Science Programs cost $20,000. The school funds the course fee with the help of the ISA.

  • Income Share

The term Income Share defines the percentage of monthly income that the ISA-Recipient agreed to share with the School to repay the course fee. According to TECH IS’s ISA, a student is liable to pay 15% of their monthly income to be repaid after graduation.

  • Annual Income

An annual income is a pre-determined amount that both the student and the school agreed upon as a minimum threshold that triggers the repayment cycle. In TECH IS’s ISA, a student who earns a minimum of $50,000 after graduation is eligible to start the repayment of the course fee. 

  • Payment Cap

A Payment Cap is a consumer safeguard that limits the amount such that your total payment will not rise beyond a certain threshold. TECH IS’s ISA states that it will automatically terminate once the aggregate repayments reach the maximum payment limit of $30,000. 

  • Required Payment & Payment Window

The minimum number of required payments is 36 Months as per the Tech is ISA. The ISA states that the student who has opted for an ISA must pay for at least a minimum of 36 months or reach the payment cap if the payments hit the threshold value of $30,000. 

The Payment Window is an outer limit on re-payment obligations. TECH IS ISA recognizes 72 months as the Payment Window, within which the student is obliged to pay the entire amount that he/she has to repay to the school.

What are the ways to satisfy ISA Re-Payments?

A student decides to opt for ISA as he/she finds it a viable option over an educational loan. How does one repay the entire amount, and what are the ways to satisfy the ISA-Repayment?

Well, there are three ways to go about it. Find them below.

  • Standard Completion Method

TECH IS ISA requires the student to make 48 monthly payments when the student starts earning $40,000 or more per annum. Once the student completes all the monthly payments, the ISA terminates automatically.

  • Reaching the Payment Cap Method

The Payment Cap method is a student benefit option. In this method, the ISA terminates itself once the monthly payments aggregate reaches the payment cap of $30,000. If the student pays the aggregate amount before 48 months, the student need not make any further payment as the ISA terminates itself once it reaches the payment threshold.

  • End of Payment Window

As per TECH IS ISA, After 72 months go by after the student’s first-month payment, the agreement terminates automatically, irrespective of how many payments have been made by the student. 

The ISA waives payment whenever a student earns less than $40,000 per year or $3,333 per month. At the end of the set Payment Window, the ISA Contract will terminate itself even if the student made less than the required payments and also even if the student paid less than the Course Tuition Fee. 

Final Note

We’ve discussed all crucial factors related to the TECH IS Cost and ISA and the key terms for your reference. This comprehensive guide will let you know about all the details to get you started on your journey towards a successful career change with TECH IS.

We recommend you to visit their website and get in touch with their personnel for further information. Please do share your opinions TECH IS Cost and ISA and if you have any questions related to Coding Bootcamps in the comments section. 

Until then, Adios Amigos!

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