Hack Reactor Job Placements and Locations


In recent times, there have been many allegations against several coding schools that they are faking their graduation and career placement results to gain students’ and customers’ trust. While many schools faked their job placement results, some schools proved that their results were accurate. Let’s jump into Hack Reactor Job Placements and Locations.

Out of the few schools that stood out, Hack Reactor is one of them. Most coding bootcamp students show an interest in finding a job in the technology industry upon graduation.

So, a student outcomes data report should aim to paint an accurate and relevant picture of what happens after graduation. Let us find out how well the job placement situation fares in the school.

Hack Reactor Job Placements

Hack Reactor Job Placement

Their student alumni population stands over 5,600 since 2012. Their website also claims that they have placed more grads at top companies than any other coding bootcamp. Despite their claims, many students and reviewers think it is impossible to place as many candidates as Hack Reactor claims.

Web Development

The Hack Reactor school’s website claims to have placed 79.44% of students six months after completing their web development course, be it in-person or online class. The average compensation rate stands $91,000 that was concurrently reported by 86% of their graduates.

Graduates now work with the following companies:

  • Asana
  • Apple
  • Twilio
  • Sony Playstation
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Dropbox
  • Zoom
  • Shopify
  • Facebook

Data Science Job Placement

Considering the acquisition of Hack Reactor by Galvanize, the job placement rate of Galvanize’s Data Science Program is found alongside the Web Development Program’s Job Placement Data.

Galvanize claims to have placed 67.95% of their data science graduates within 180 days of graduation. 84.91% of graduates have reported an average of $95,000 as the compensation rate. The average graduation rate is 91.09% at the time of completion of the data science program.

Graduates now work with the following companies:

  • NordStorm
  • TaskRabbit
  • Amazon
  • Adobe
  • KPMG
  • ZenDesk
  • 23andMe
  • Microsoft
  • GAP
  • Google

Cherry Bekaert LLP is the company behind the analysis of job placement, graduation rate, and compensation rate of Hack Reactor and Galvanize. They are the second-largest certified public accounting firm in the South East United States.

Hack Reactor Locations

Hack Reactor Locations

The coding school, Hack Reactor, is present in 10 locations throughout the United States. After collaborating with Galvanize, Hack Reactor’s coding programs are also taught on their campuses as well. Galvanize campuses have great technology to support students such as professional mentorship, networking opportunities, and industry-related events.

Features of Hack Reactor’s Locations

Outstanding Curriculum

Hack Reactor has got one of the best software engineering bootcamps in the United State’s most prominent tech hubs. The curriculum focuses on mastering JavaScript fundamentals, exploring the latest technologies, and building production-grade web applications.

Technological Environment

Galvanize campuses are a true tech ecosystem with students, startups, and established companies all collaborating. Hack Reactor has an alumni community of 8,000+ and a member network of 3,000+.

Galvanize brings together the brightest minds in tech, with each location offers mentorship, networking, and employment opportunities.

Professional Development

Hack Reactor’s programming gives students access to learning opportunities, developmental workshops, and some of the best mentors in the community.

Along with Hack Reactor, Galvanize campuses make professional development easy by hosting dozens of events every week, including meetups, hackathons, happy hours, and much more.


Austin, Texas

Hack Reactor’s Austin location surrounds some of the world-renowned tech companies like Google, IBM, and Dell. Galvanize Austin’s coworking space, and tech bootcamps located in the city’s bustling 2nd Street District.

Boulder, Colorado

Galvanize Boulder is in the heart of the densest startup ecosystem in the nation. Boulder’s coworking space and tech bootcamps are home to the top tech companies, venture capitalists, and developers in Colorado.

Dallas, Texas

With the growing popularity of Hack Reactor’s remote offering in Dallas, we are excited to provide in-person education opportunities for students in North Texas.

Denver, Colorado

With the downtown Denver skyline to the east and the Rocky Mountains to the west, its coworking space is home to many of the city’s top startups, enterprise members, and investors.

Los Angeles, California

Located in Playa Vista, Los Angeles, this branch is dedicated to educating students who want to begin or advance their tech careers in software engineering or data science. The website states that his campus does not offer membership opportunities at this time.

New York, New York State

Hack Reactor’s New York division is located in the vibrant Financial District of Manhattan and is the hub for NY coding students in one of the world’s most iconic cities. The website states that his campus does not offer membership opportunities at this time.

Phoenix, Arizona

Hack Reactor’s Phoenix chapter is located in the number two metro region for software jobs in the country. The school’s coworking space and coding bootcamps are located in the city’s Warehouse District, just outside of downtown.

San Francisco, California

Hack Reactor’s San Francisco coworking campus and coding bootcamps, located in the SoMa, takes collaboration and community to a whole new level with five floors of creators, innovators, and passionate learners.

San Jose, California

With the growing popularity of Galvanize’s San Francisco campus, Hack Reactor provides the Software Engineering program to even more students around the Bay Area at their San Jose campus.

Seattle, Washington

Located in Pioneer Square, located in the United State’s capital state, Hack Reactor brings top technology companies and entrepreneurs together in the city’s charming and historic original downtown area.

Eventually, after the outbreak of COVID19, Hack Reactor and Galvanize is conducting their classes online virtually and put a hold on their physical classes until further notice. The offices are still functioning with limited members following all safety protocols.

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