Flatiron School Acceptance Rate


Flatiron School was founded in 2012 by Adam Enbar, a Venture Capitalist with a passion for education, and Avi Flombaum; a self-taught computer programmer committed to helping his students. This coding school is an educational institution that prepares its students to start their careers as Software Developers, Data Scientists, or Cybersecurity Professionals. Let’s Dive into the Flatiron School Acceptance Rate.

Their comprehensive courses feature the best curricula and instructors in the United States, along with career support to help students launch the tech career they want.

Flatiron School Admission Process

Flatiron School Admission Process

Each coding school has different admission requirements, and the process changes from each other too. Some schools require the candidates to go through a prep course before they can attend their technical interview. Flatiron School provides a 75+-hour prep course that is self-paced for its candidates to prepare. Let’s have a brief look at Flatiron’s Admission Process.


Flatiron School’s Application has a set of fundamental questions such as, “Tell us about yourself,” “Why do you want to code?”, “What is your Programming background,” etc. The usual turnaround time for notifying the progress of the application is 1 – 2 business days.


The interview process consists of a technical challenge and two 30-minute interviews that comprise a “getting to know you” interview and a technical interview with a Flatiron School instructor. The technical challenge takes place on a platform called ‘learn.co’. The technical interview focuses on one lab in the technical challenge. The Flatiron instructor will ask questions about the candidate’s code and expand upon that code.


The student has to take the final call after getting selected for the program by Flatiron School. Many schools do not offer various subjects to learn from their courses, whereas Flatiron School teaches two leading programming languages: Ruby and JavaScript. Let’s continue with the Flatiron School Acceptance Rate.

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Flatiron School Acceptance Rate 2021

Flatiron School Acceptance Rate 2021

The acceptance rate of Flatiron School is 6%. The school is touted to have one of the most stringent selection criteria and requires its candidates to put in hard work to enter the program. The selection process is made challenging deliberately so that candidates will understand the intensity of the bootcamp and can’t be taken ever so lightly. 

How to get accepted into Flatiron School

Getting accepted into Flatiron School is just the same as getting accepted into any other coding school. It just needs extra effort and dedication to prove that the candidate is worthy enough for the tutors to spend their time training him/her. 

Build with Code

A candidate’s love for programming can be conveyed to a coding school only when he/she is consistent enough in trying to build something with a code. It can be something as simple as a webpage too. Whether a candidate is seeking to program for 60+ hours a week in an immersive coding bootcamp or studying on self-pace while working full-time, joining a coding bootcamp is a significant commitment. Most of the schools, including Flatiron School, decide whether they are deeply interested in becoming a programmer.

Display Passion

At Flatiron School or any school for that matter, the admissions officer would want to know if the candidate is passionate about learning in general and coding. An ideal candidate doesn’t see programming as simply a means to an end, like just achieving financial growth and then stop learning. Coding is a craft that requires lifelong learning.

Take Initiative

Learning to code is complicated. Coding can make a person think in new ways and deal with huge frustrations and self-doubt. It’s essential to put in the effort and take the initiative to learn to code and get at least the minimum results possible. By learning one program at a time, it becomes easier to learn the next subject.

Exhibit Skills

For candidates to learn everything that needs to be known to get a job as a junior developer in a span of three months, coding bootcamp courses need to move through their curriculum fast. At Flatiron School, the admissions team wants applicants to show the intellectual stamina and curiosity that they’ll need to pick up the material quickly and not get overwhelmed.

Share Perspectives

Being vocal and communicative is an essential part of being a successful programmer. At Flatiron School, sharing interesting perspectives such as where the student grew up, what values they hold, and the decisions they have made so far are shared between the students and the academic counselors to get a better understanding of the students. One of the biggest goals of the admissions team is to gather a class that represents a purposefully diverse student body.

Final Note

In summary, Flatiron School that was founded in the year 2012, had got varied reception from the public, students, and alumni. But despite some negative reviews, Flatiron has one of the highest turnouts when it comes to graduates. 614 graduates have been employed in the year 2019. Apart from that, there are 3 different fields of study an applicant can choose from according to their career goals. We should say that Flatiron School has maintained a solid track record till now.

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