CareerFoundry vs General Assembly


Today, we discuss the comparison between two epic coding schools – CareerFoundry and General Assembly. Both CareerFoundry and General Assembly provide coding bootcamps for a variety of subjects.  Let us focus on CareerFoundry vs General Assembly comparison!

With the recent development in the Coding Bootcamp scenario, many schools offer various courses and subjects. Many students find it complicated to choose the best school that would suit their needs and requirements. Here is one such showdown between CareerFoundry vs General Assembly. Let us find out more about them.

Duration of the Courses



With CareerFoundry, all the classes are pre-recorded and self-paced. Students can finish their courses within 4 – 5 months by working 30/40 hours per week depending on their selected course. Typically, a web development course will take 3.5 months to complete when done full-time and may take up to 7 months when done part-time. Similarly, the UX design course will take 10 months to complete when done at a part-time pace. 

General Assembly

General Assembly has four different courses full-time online; they are Data Science, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, and User Experience Design. The school claims that students can complete the course and become job-ready in 12 weeks/3 months. Multiple part-time courses have different timelines.

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Location of the School



CareerFoundry is located in Berlin, Germany. Although they are headquartered in Germany, all their classes take place online. The onset of the COVID19 pandemic has put the entire CareerFoundry team to work from home and all their programs 100% online.

General Assembly

General Assembly campuses are located throughout the globe, covering a wide span of area. Although General Assembly is present in multiple locations worldwide, all classes that were conducted physically have moved to virtual online courses. Here are the locations  of the General Assembly:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Australia

Pricing Structure



The Full-Stack Web Developer program tuition is $6,555 or 8 monthly payments of $600 plus $2,100 upfront. Tuition for the CareerFoundry programs in UX and UI design are $6,555 upfront. Students can also choose to do 9-10 monthly payments of $550-$600 after an upfront payment of $1400-$1,500. The Data Analytics program tuition is $6,555 or 8 monthly payments of $600 plus $2,100 upfront. The short courses in UX Design, UI Design, Frontend Development, and Data Analytics costs $690, respectively. Students who enroll in the UI design, UX design, web development, or Data Analytics bootcamps receive a $590 tuition credit. The advanced courses for designers in voice user interface design, UI for UX designers, and frontend development for designers cost $1,900 for students who pay upfront. Students can also pay $800 upfront and make three monthly payments of $400.

General Assembly

General Assembly offers a few options on payment. The full-time courses price range lies between $14,950 and $16,950 if students pay upfront. Students can also pay in up-to-4 installments or by taking out loans. Students can also choose to enroll in their income share agreement (ISA). If they do this, then they pay the tuition back after they begin working. Part-time courses cost $3,950, and students can choose to pay this upfront, monthly payments, or loans. The General Assembly ISA is not available as an option for part-time courses.

Courses and Programs



CareerFoundry offers a wide range of courses in 4 different fields of study. They are UX Design, UI Design, Web Development, and Data Analytics. They are available in an offline format. Students also have the option to choose from Full time, Part-time, and Self-Paced course paces. There are also short intro courses so that students can get a glimpse of the main course.

General Assembly

General Assembly has a wide range of full-time courses in four areas of study: Data Science, Digital Marketing, Software Engineering, and User Experience Design. Apart from the full-time courses, they have tons of part-time courses, workshops, and events for students to choose from.

Job Placement



CareerFoundry claims that 96% of eligible graduates landed a tech job within 180 days of completing their course. Students’ average salary increase is $13,725 in their new positions, while 47% report an increase of $10-20k. The average amount of time it takes to find a job is 2-10 weeks. There was important information on alumni strength and the number of candidates placed in the last academic year.

General Assembly

As per General Assembly’s 2018-2019 Report, 86% of students landed a job six months after completing their courses, be it in-person or online class. At the same time, there is no evident data available on the average salary. Their total global alumni strength stands at a whopping 70,000+ members with 3,685 graduates in 2019 alone. Their data is audited by a company called KPMG, and the same company officially distributes the reports.

Final Note

We have reached the end of CareerFoundry vs General Assembly. From our analysis, General Assembly leads the comparison against CareerFoundry. General Assembly scores a win in almost all fields of comparison. The school, General Assembly has clearly got an edge over CareerFoundry in many aspects and stands as a clear winner.

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