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CareerFoundry is an online bootcamp with a diverse global community of over 600 educational experts, career specialists, mentors, and tutors. The school teaches technical skills necessary to land a job as a UX Designer, UI Designer, Web Developer, or Data Analyst. Let’s dive into the CareerFoundry Review.

For beginners, CareerFoundry offers four skill courses. The four courses are UX Design, UI Design, Frontend Development, and Data Analytics. For advanced designers, they offer three different skill courses. The options are Voice User Interface Design, UI for UX designers, and Front-end Development for Designers.

CareerFoundry Overview


The school’s immersive bootcamps use project-based learning that emphasizes portfolio building. Students will have 1-on-1 sessions with a tutor who assists with technical questions and a mentor who contributes job-hunting resources. Also, they can connect with their peers through a Slack channel. All the lessons are pre-recorded to support students with flexible learning in a self-paced manner. Now, let’s move forward with our CareerFoundry Review.

CareerFoundry Cost


The Full-Stack Web Developer program tuition is $6,555 or 8 monthly payments of $600 plus $2,100 upfront. Tuition for the CareerFoundry programs in UX and UI design are $6,555 upfront. Students can also choose to do 9-10 monthly payments of $550-$600 after an upfront payment of $1400-$1,500. The Data Analytics program tuition is $6,555 or 8 monthly payments of $600 plus $2,100 upfront.

The introductory courses in UX Design, UI Design, Frontend Development, and Data Analytics costs $690, respectively. Students who enroll in the UI design, UX design, web development, or Data Analytics bootcamps receive a $590 tuition credit. 

The advanced courses for designers in voice user interface design, UI for UX designers, and frontend development for designers cost $1,900 for students who pay upfront. Students can also pay $800 upfront and make three monthly payments of $400.

CareerFoundry Curriculum


Since the classes are pre-recorded and self-paced, students can finish the program for 4-5 months, working 30 hours per week. Students can also choose to spend 9-10 months working 15 hours per week. 

The UI design program takes 360 hours to complete. Students enrolled in the web development track and UX design track should spend 420 and 600 hours completing their respective programs. On the other hand, advanced courses take about 120 hours to complete. Students should expect to work at least 15 hours per week for eight weeks.

Similarly, the intro to data analytics course consists of 10 activities: creating, organizing, finding, using, and visualizing data. Students can complete both the courses in 1 month by working 15 hours per week. But, students can take up to 2 months to finish the exercises. Each student also participates in 2 calls with a career mentor throughout the program and receives individual feedback on each activity.

UX Design Program Curriculum

Students who wish to learn UX Designing are taught about human behavior and how design shapes the products and experiences. UX Designer was rated as one of the best 15 jobs in America for 2017. Here is the curriculum for the UX Design Program.

  • Designing like a UXer
  • Thinking like a UXer
  • Understanding the user
  • Foundational Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Refining the Design
  • End to End Design
  • Specialization – UI for UX Designer, Voice User Interface Design, Frontend Development for Designers

UI Design Program Curriculum

The UI Design program is designed to teach students all the skills, tools, and processes you need to become UI Designer. The course trains its students to create, improve and use wireframes, prototypes, style guides, user flows and effectively communicate their interaction ideas. Here is the curriculum for the UI Design Program.

  • Practice & Refine core design skills
  • Introduction to Design Principles
  • UX Design Process
  • UI Design Process
  • Mobile App Design for iOS & Android
  • Animation, Branding, and UI Design Portfolios
  • Specialist – Voice User Interface Design, Frontend Development for Designers

Full-Stack Web Development Curriculum

The Full-stack Web Development Program helps students in solving complex problems and turning their ideas into reality. The Indeed job board listed full stack developer as the #2 best job in the United States in 2018. Here is the Full-Stack Web Development Program Curriculum.

  • Learn HTML and CSS
  • JavaScript Basics
  • Server-Side Programming & Node.js
  • Client-Side Programming and React
  • Testing in Development Process
  • Native App Development and React Native
  • Collaboration and Documentation

Data Analytics Program Curriculum

Data Analytic program trains its students to collect, organize and interpret statistical information to make it worthwhile for a range of businesses and organizations. Harvard Business Review named data analysts and data scientists the sexiest job of the 21st century. Here is the Data Analytics Program Curriculum.

  • Learn how to prepare and analyze data
  • Preparing and Analyzing data
  • Data Visualization & Storytelling
  • Databases & SQL for Analysts
  • Python Fundamentals for Data Analyst
  • Exploratory Data Analytics & Dashboards
  • Data Mining & Ethics

Let us move forward in our CareerFoundry Review.

CareerFoundry Locations


CareerFoundry is located in Berlin, Germany. Although they are headquartered in Germany, all their classes take place online. With the onset of the COVID19 pandemic, the entire CareerFoundry team is working from home and all their programs are stated to be held 100% online.

CareerFoundry Job Placement


CareerFoundry claims that 96% of eligible graduates landed a job in tech within 180 days of completing their course. The average salary increase reported by students is $13,725 in their new jobs, while 47% report an increase of $10-20k. The average amount of time it takes to find a job is 2-10 weeks. There was substantial information on alumni strength and the number of candidates placed in the last academic year.

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CareerFoundry Reviews


The coding school, CareerFoundry, has garnered mostly positive reviews on Google and CourseReport. On Google, the school scores 4.4 stars out of 101 reviews with primarily positive reviews. In CourseReport, the school scores a 4.6-star rating with 600 reviews.

Final Note

We have reached the end of CareerFoundry Review. With outstanding courses that specialize in UX/UI Design, Web Development, and Data Analytics, CareerFoundry stands at the top with a loyal customer base. Students feel at ease with their 1-on-1 sessions and dedicated job search mentors. 

Invariably, we do not endorse or support any coding school. Our reviews are unbiased and honest opinions about that organization based on the information gathered from industry-related resources.

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