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BrainStation claims to be the global leader of digital skills training that empowers businesses and brands through its corporate training programs and training individuals through full-time and part-time programs. Let us checkout BrainStation Cost.

The institution was established in 2012 and has worked with over 500 instructors and claims to have trained over 100,000 professionals. BrainStation’s mission statement declares that the institution aims at empowering one million individuals with digital skills training by the year 2025.

What is BrainStation?

BrainStation Review

BrainStation is a digital skills training school that offers various programs in Data Science, Web Development, Marketing, Product Management, and Design. Students can choose between Full-Time Bootcamp and short part-time courses. 

Students can take up in-person courses in New York City, Toronto, Vancouver, and London. The school also considers different teaching styles and schedules, offering flexible and remote options such as Online Live. Through the online platform, students can attend live lectures, network with fellow students, and ask for feedback sessions with their instructors in real-time.

What is the cost at BrainStation?

BrainStation Cost

The BrainStation courses’ price range starts from $950 to over $15,000. The courses’ cost varies depending on the course’s length, the type of course, and whether the course is taken online or on campus.

BrainStation offers competitive payment options for their bootcamps and short-term courses. 

The payment options include: 

  • Monthly Instalments: This option allows students to split their tuition into smaller monthly payments.
  • Employer Sponsorship: The students can get their payments reimbursed by their employers.
  • Scholarships: BrainStation offers a range of scholarships to make learning its courses more accessible.

BrainStation Scholarships

BrainStation Scholarships

BrainStation’s scholarships are one of the school’s most prominent features. Scholarships recognize the students’ effort and financially aids them in reaching their goals. BrainStation has a variety of Scholarships for both their part-time courses and full-time programs. The school claims that the application process is straightforward, and many students receive scholarships to help them fund their course. Under BrainStation Cost, let us discuss its Scholarships.

BrainStation has also announced that it has awarded over $1 million in Scholarships. Beyond scholarships. It also offers flexible Student Payment Plans depending on each individual’s needs.

Let us take a look at the types of scholarships that are available with BrainStation.

Women in Technology Scholarship: As the name suggests, this scholarship from BrainStation aims to reduce women’s barriers to enter and thrive in the digital world.

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship: A scholarship that focuses on making digital skills accessible for underrepresented groups.

University and College Scholarship: Students and recent graduates can access digital skills training opportunities with this University and College Scholarships.

Not-For-Profit Scholarship: This scholarship helps non-profit professionals to prepare for the digital transformation.

Veterans’ Scholarship: This scholarship targets equipping veterans with the skills and knowledge required to restart a new career. 

Entrepreneurship Scholarship: Students who pursue entrepreneurship need to equip themselves with the necessary skills and experience needed for the present digital economy. This scholarship aims at helping students with an entrepreneurial mindset to venture into their ambitions. 

Scholarship Sponsors

BrainStation Scholarship Sponsors

Some of the scholarships mentioned above are sponsored by some of the world’s best multinational corporations. It is either a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility or Philanthropic activities. Let us find out who those companies are below.

Platinum Sponsorship

Ernst and Young – Women in Technology Sponsorship

Ernst & Young (EY), a British Multinational Professional services network, sponsors the Women in Technology Sponsorship.

Rogers Communications – Diversity and Inclusion Sponsorship

Rogers Communications is a Canadian communications and media company that sponsors the Diversity and Inclusion Sponsorship program.

Want to know more about BrainStation? Read the BrainStation Review.

Gold Sponsorship

Major companies belonging to various industries such as EllisDon, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), and Microsoft offer different Gold Sponsorship segment scholarships. 

BrainStation is the global leader in data, product, development, design, and marketing training, with courses and corporate training, offered online and on state-of-the-art campuses.

Final Note

We have finally explored all the payment options, scholarships, and the cost involved in BrainStation’s programs. BrainStation does not offer any type of Income Share Agreement Plans. Students can choose to pay the money upfront or use their monthly payment options.

If the student is expecting complete financial aid, they can apply for their scholarships. We at Best Bootcamp highly recommend taking their courses but request applicants to be aware of the payment options and expect only scholarships to look for any financial assistance.

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