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App Academy provides students with immersive web development courses online and in-person on campuses in San Francisco and NYC. Their curriculum is primarily based on giving direct tutoring experience to students. App Academy has mainly been focusing on classroom experience till the COVID19 pandemic. After the pandemic onset, App Academy has shifted its focus on online classes and In-Person Live classes. Let’s dive into App Academy cost and ISA.

App Academy sets its students to spend about 90% of their time in pair programming and 10% in lectures. This approach encourages students to share their knowledge while making coding social. 

The 16-week in-person web development course consists of a full-stack curriculum covering Ruby, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, algorithms, data structures, and React/Redux. In this program, students spend around 90-100 hours per week. Web Development skills in multiple programming languages will be taught in the first nine weeks of the course, with the last three weeks covering job-search preparation.

The 24-week online course focuses on JavaScript and Python. Students will learn web development fundamentals such as JavaScript, Object-Oriented Programming, and Git in this course. They later learn languages such as Express, React, HTML & CSS, and so on. Like the in-person program, students will create a portfolio that includes individual and group projects to help them with their job search. 

App Academy gives importance to career training that helps students land their dream job as soon as they complete their graduation. The job-search curriculum focuses on algorithms, interview skills, and other technical interview-focused skill sets.

Let’s check out App Academy Cost in the following sections.

Cost of App Academy Courses

App Academy Cost

App Academy’s Online Course cost is $20,000, while their in-person 16-week course costs $17,000. Students can either pay the entire fee upfront or opt for deferred payment options. An Income Share Agreement depends on the income a student receives after he/she gets placed in a company under a qualified job. 

App Academy has various Bootcamp Prep courses that help students clear any code school interview and admission process. The Coding Bootcamp Prep concentrates on the primary areas of concentration: web development fundamentals, intro, intermediate and advanced JavaScript, and interview preparation and application assistance. 

Let us see the cost of Online Bootcamp Prep.


Standard is the basic online bootcamp prep that costs $995. The package includes two tutoring hours, one interview prep hour, and Chat support. 


The Plus option has additional features when compared to the Standard Online Bootcamp Prep and costs $1795. This Bootcamp prep includes six tutoring hours, two interview prep hours, Personal assessment feedback, Priority email response, Priority application review, and Chat support. 


The Premium option has many exceptional features and costs $3795. Premium Bootcamp Prep includes ten tutoring hours, four interview prep hours, Personal assessment feedback, Priority email response, Priority application review, and Chat support. 

App Academy Open

Apart from the Full-time Web Development course, App Academy offers a free coding bootcamp with a self-study preference for students who want to test out the course and check if the full bootcamp suits them.

App Academy Open comes with a full free option and a paid subscription plan where the student may have to shell out $30 per month to avail tutor support. 

What is an ISA?

An ISA is a payment agreement through which students can pay their tuition fees. Students agree to pay a certain percentage of their post-graduation salary for a set of given months through this contract. Most schools require the student to pay once they start making more than a predetermined salary per year. The ISA has a maximum payment cap that sets a limit upon an agreed predetermined amount beyond which the student doesn’t have to pay.

For Example, Suppose a student opts for ISA and promises to pay back the school. In that case, he/she needs to start repaying the school only after he/she gets a job with a predetermined salary, say $50,000 or $100,000 per year, and doesn’t have to pay more than $30,000 once the limit of aggregate payments.

App Academy ISA

App Academy ISA

When a student wants to take up the Web Development bootcamp at App Academy, they can take the course with a $0 Upfront fee based on ISA. The student doesn’t have to pay the school back until they land a job that pays higher than $50K per annum. Every month, students contribute 15% of their monthly salary for 36 months, with $31,000 being the maximum payment limit.

As per App Academy’s ISA plan, a student has to earn a minimum of $50,000 per year to be eligible to start paying back. The student will pay anywhere between $0 to $30,000 in 36 months as per the agreement. Once the student reaches the payment cap of $31,000 or completes 36 months of repayment, the ISA terminates automatically.

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Key Terms of App Academy ISA

Each school has its own set of terms and conditions that a student choosing ISA should agree with beforehand. This section will discuss some basic principles that a student has to follow to be eligible for the ISA Plan. 

ISA Amount

App Academy, with the help of ISA, provides education free of cost. App Academy cost is $31,000. The school funds the course fee with the help of the ISA.

Income Share

The term Income Share defines the percentage of monthly income that the ISA-Recipient agreed to share with the School to repay the course fee. According to App Academy’s ISA, students can pay 15% of their monthly income to repay the tuition fee after graduation.

Annual Income

An annual income is a predetermined amount that both the student and the school agreed upon as a minimum threshold that triggers the repayment cycle when a student earns a minimum of $50,000 after graduation is eligible to start the course’s repayment fee, according to App Academy’s ISA.

Payment Cap

A Payment Cap is a consumer safeguard that limits the amount such that your total payment will not rise beyond a certain threshold. App Academy’s ISA states that it will automatically terminate once the aggregate repayments reach the maximum payment limit of $31,000. 

Required Payment & Payment Window

The minimum number of required payments is 36 Months as per the App Academy ISA. The ISA states that the student who has opted for an ISA must pay for at least a minimum of 36 months or reach the payment cap if the payments hit the threshold value of $31,000. 

How to pay off App Academy’s ISA

App Academy Income Share Agreement

A student decides to opt for ISA as he/she finds it a viable option over an educational loan. How does one repay the entire amount, and what are the ways to satisfy the ISA Repayment?

Well, there are two ways to go about it. Find them below.

Make payments for 36 Months

App Academy ISA requires the student to make 36 monthly payments when they start earning $50,000 or more per annum. Once the student completes all the monthly payments, the ISA terminates automatically.

Paying a total of $31,000

The Payment Cap method is a student benefit option. In this method, the ISA terminates itself once the monthly payment aggregate reaches the payment cap of $31,000. If the student pays the aggregate amount before 36 months, the student need not make any further payment as the ISA terminates itself once it reaches the payment threshold.

Final Note

In short, App Academy offers a deferred payment plan that allows students to pay the tuition after they secure a job upon completion of the course. App Academy provides two other pricing models for students as well. Out of the two, one of them is an entirely upfront model, and the other one is a hybrid model that is a combination of the deferred and upfront models.

App Academy provides quality education to its students with such diverse pricing plans and deferred income sharing methods. Not only that, but App Academy also boasts one of the highest placement records and average salary in the industry when it comes to job placement. We highly recommend aspirants to check out their website and decide what suits them best. 

We believe that we have provided accurate information that helps them make the right decisions. Hop on the comment section to reach us.

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