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Any person looking to start a career in web development and want to enter into the Information Technology industry would find online coding bootcamps as one of their best options. There are plenty of bootcamps out there, and App Academy emerges as one of the strong contenders amongst them amidst the heavy competition. Let’s check out the App Academy Review, Job Placement, and Curriculum Guide.

The school claims to have excellent options for both beginners and experienced programmers. In this article, we will discuss the App Academy Review, Job Placement, and Curriculum Guide. Let us find out what the school has to offer in the coming sections.

App Academy Overview

App Academy Review

The App Academy is said to be one of the prestigious bootcamps in the country. Their admission process has stringent requirements. It catches one off guard if they aren’t expecting it; App Academy has its pre-bootcamp preparation course that trains candidates to score well and join its scho to beat this situation.

The school claims to be one of the most selective bootcamps, with their Web dev bootcamp acceptance rate being just 5%. Their usual admission process starts with an application with a 30-minute assessment following it. After that, there is a non-technical interview that leads to acceptance into the course.

Apart from the full-time paid Web Development classes, the coding school hosts a completely free, self-paced online course called App Academy Open that allows students to learn the complete program. With a small fee of $30, students can get the tutor’s advice for doubt-clearing sessions for a set amount of time per day.

Nevertheless, App Academy has two options to take up their courses. A student who wishes to learn to code can take up their in-person classes or full-fledged online courses.

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Who is App Academy for?

Candidates who want to learn to code but have no experience in it could benefit from App Academy. The school provides extra guidance on specific topics for people who have enrolled in their on-campus/ online coding bootcamp.

App Academy Cost

App Academy Cost

There are two pricing options in App Academy. The student can pay upfront or choose an Income Share Agreement. Under the ISA, students can pay once they complete the course and start earning above $50,000 after getting a tech job.

How to pay App Academy?

Let us discuss the distinctive upfront payment. There are three pricing options for students to choose from for both online and in-person courses. Here is the breakdown.

Deferred Plan: The in-person course requires a $3,000 deposit and zero tuition to start the program. Students have to pay only after they land a job. Upon job placement, an additional $25,000 is due for the following six months. In contrast, the online course requires Zero deposit and zero tuition to start the program. Students have to pay only after they get a job earning $50,000. Then it is 15% for three years with a maximum of $31,000.

Hybrid Plan: This plan is available for in-person programs. The hybrid plan requires a $9,000 initial upfront payment upon enrollment and an additional $14,000 due only once the student gets a job. If they don’t, they don’t have to pay the extra $14,000.

Upfront Plan: Students need to pay a $17,000 lump sum upon enrollment for the in-person course. If they want to pay monthly, the school has many have financing options available through Climb. The online class charges a $20,000 lump sum upon enrollment.

Scholarships: App Academy provides selected students with scholarships to cover their tuition fees. The comfort of studying without any kind of financial burdens such as a debt or loan is a massive motivation by itself when it comes to learning a skill. However, App Academy has reserved its scholarships to females and members of a minority underrepresented in the tech arena.

App Academy Location

App Academy Location

From the beginning, App Academy always had Live In-Person classes where the students had to visit the campus’s physical location to attend their classes. After the global pandemic outbreak, the school has decided to move all its campus classes to fully remote live courses. This move has won appreciation from the App Academy Community.

Although, App Academy has its physical locations in San Francisco and New York City.

They have designed their remote live format to yield the same experience as their on-campus programs. The school still expects its students to attend classes five days a week and continue until further notice.

App Academy Reviews

App Academy Reviews

Several course review sites praise the coding school. Many reviewers claim that their overall experience with App Academy was fruitful and significant though they had many issues with the course’s difficulty in the beginning.

In the famous public forum Yelp, the school has 417 reviews with an average rating of 4.5. There has also been some serious discussion in the social news aggregator, Reddit, about the school. Aspirants have given some serious attention to the coding school, and many positive reviews surround the school.

App Academy Job Placement

App Academy Placement Rate

App Academy has placed over 2,500 graduates in software development roles at an average salary of $105,000 in San Francisco and $90,000 in New York City. Apart from the number of students who get a job, over 1,000 employers hire from App Academy. Indeed, the school has a solid track record of placing students in the IT industry.

App Academy Curriculum

App Academy Curriculum

After conducting in-depth research, we have gathered appropriate information on the curriculum of App Academy. The coding school has a 16-Week Online and 24-Week In-Person Software Engineering course. Though the schedules may differ, the syllabus for both programs remains the same.

Students will be learning JavaScript, Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS under the Software Engineering program. Students can accelerate their projects with the help of ReactJS, Express, PostgreSQL, and Object-relational Mapper. Tutors cover the curriculum in portions every four weeks.

Here are the following topics tutors teach during the subsequent weeks of training:

First 4 Weeks: Programming basics, along with some basic Ruby, Rails, SQL, Data Structures, and JavaScript

In weeks 4 – 20: Immersive web development, which includes frameworks and full-stack projects.

Last 4 Weeks: Career Quest – Resume workshops, Networking, Job Search Strategies.

App Academy ISA

App Academy ISA

When a student opts for a 24-Week Online Live class, they can opt for a Zero Deposit ISA option. In this payment option, a student doesn’t have to pay any money, and the tuition fee’s repayment starts after they land on a job that pays them a minimum of $50,000. After they land on a job that pays $50,000 every year, the students need to pay 15% of their salary for 36 months with a maximum payment limit of $31,000.

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App Academy Schedule


App Academy has a schedule that makes it easy for students from all walks of life to learn to code. Find the scheduling options below.


The full-time programs are immersive coding programs. The program lasts for 16 weeks, and candidates need to attend 40 hours of class to graduate.


App Academy has two part-time programs: Bootcamp Prep and App Academy Open. Bootcamp Prep course is a free course for candidates who are preparing for the full-time immersive coding programs. Candidates who do not wish to pay for the full-time program can choose App Academy Open and learn to code.


All courses offered by App Academy are available in online formats. With the onset of the global pandemic, the school offers all its courses online until further notice to avoid the spread of COVID19.

How to Get Accepted Into App Academy


Candidates might find it challenging to get into App Academy without knowing the basics of tech. Every year, thousands of applicants due to its deferred tuition policy/ISA. But, the school turns away many applicants too. Candidates can significantly increase their chances of getting in by attending the App Academy Bootcamp Prep course.

App Academy Acceptance Rate

The school’s acceptance rate is less than 5 percent.

App Academy Application Process

The application process at App Academy is pretty simple. Here’s how candidates should do to apply.

  1. Candidates need to fill out their application form with basic information about themselves. The school needs to know whether the candidate is a citizen of the US or a non-permanent resident.
  2. If the application is successful, candidates will receive an email notification. The school will respond to the application within two days.
  3. After that, candidates will need to fill out paperwork. This paperwork involves the refund policy, school rules, and a course overview.
  4. Once candidates have submitted their paperwork, they will be given access to the course materials.

App Academy Interview Questions

Usually, it takes up to six weeks for completing the App Academy Application Process. This may include a technical interview and a non-technical interview, as the team wants to be sure that accepted students are passionate and talented.

Let’s take a look at the topics candidates to discuss in the interview below.

  • Passion and inspiration for learning code
  • Technical programming skills
  • Your career goals
  • Experiences as a software engineer
  • Major achievements in programming

Final Note

App Academy is a prestigious and selective coding school and has a strict admission procedure. Aspirants will have to go through a demanding entry process to get in. After entry, selected candidates will have to spend their entire time on a 24-week course. The school offers an intense program with an attrition rate of 15% with a slightly higher price tag than other schools.

The school boasts one of the highest placement records and average salary in the industry when it comes to job placement. We think App Academy has the best bang for the buck. People who do not have the liberty to spend 9 – 10 hours per day are likely to suffer or drop from the course. Nevertheless, the student knows what suits him/her best.

Please note that Best Bootcamp does not endorse or support any coding school. Our reviews are unbiased and honest opinions about that organization based on the information we gathered from industry-related resources.

We hope this article has provided you with great insights that might help you make a well-judged decision. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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