App Academy Open


What is App Academy Open?

App Academy Open is one of the first free online web development courses to get its students hired as developers. The school claims that students will get access to their entire full-stack curriculum upon opting for this free course. The curriculum consists of over 1,500 hours of readings, videos, projects, and more.

Apart from the free course, they also have the Mentorship Plan that gives its members daily access to App Academy instructors through a private slack channel. Under this plan, instructors will be available around the clock until 6 pm (PST) to answer technical questions and provide guidance as they explore the curriculum. Members who have opted for this plan are expected to complete the course 4-6 months before regular students.

Who is App Academy Open for?


Anyone keen on learning programming and has little to no experience could benefit from App Academy’s free course. The course curriculum remains the same as the full-time software engineering bootcamp. Thus, students can expect the same exposure level to the course content as much as the full-timers do. The students can also opt for Mentorship Plan, which will give them access to Private Slack Channel for doubt clearing sessions.

Features of App Academy Open

The school provides some great features to its students. The course is entirely free to use. All that the student has to do is register for the course and start studying. The course is self-paced and allows the student to continue his/her training at her own pace. The time taken to complete the course is somewhere between 12- 16 months. The school has also built an interactive coding platform for students to get started with coding right away. Students also get access to Community Chat Access to chat about curriculum, problems, and job opportunities. 

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Is App Academy Open really free?


App Academy Open is free to use. But the reviews by users state otherwise. Many students compared the course with other free courses. They felt that the course was unnecessarily more complicated and was created for the sole purpose of redirecting students to the Software Engineering Full-Time Programme.

Ratings and Reviews

App Academy Open has received a lot of negative feedback from its users. The students were not happy with the curriculum that failed to offer the entire course. Some have even complained that the course is just to push students to join the App Academy’s Full-Time Software Engineering course.

App Academy Open Alternatives


The school is not the only platform that provides coding courses for free. Multiple other websites such as FreeCodeCamp, Codecademy, 42, Ada Developers, CS50, Andrew Ng’s Stanford Artificial Intelligence course, The Recurse Centre, TheOdinProject, and many such similar platforms provide coding lessons for free. Students can choose such alternative courses to upgrade their skill sets.

Final Note

We have come to the end of the App Academy Open Review. This free coding bootcamp falls short in many areas like mentor support, accountability, duration of the course, and job support. Many students felt that the free coding bootcamp was not up to the mark and could have been designed better. There are still plenty of alternatives for candidates to try if they are not happy with this course

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