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Actualize is a coding bootcamp that provides quality education and is known for hiring lead instructors who only have professional experience in addition to professional software development experience. Let’s dive into the Actualize Coding Bootcamp Price.

The school provides both daytime and evening/weekend courses, allowing its students to transition to successful web development careers without quitting their original jobs while learning to code.

The online program uses the same immersive curriculum as the in-person program, with classes conducted in real-time with video conferencing. After the 12-week program, students have the option to join its unique Career Support program that has additional training for Job Hacking, a job accountability group, and team projects to add to one’s portfolio.

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Actualize Bootcamp Features

Actualize Bootcamp Features


To help students get ramped up for the main course, they’ll be watching course videos introducing them to computer programming fundamentals. They’ll also submit exercises to teaching assistants, leave constructive feedback on the student’s work, and answer questions via video conferencing and email.

Live Training 

The Live Training is the central part of the online coding bootcamp that a Lead Instructor will lead. Each concept is taught live and then immediately followed by exercises that allow students to grasp what they’ve just learned. They will also work on an individual Capstone Project demonstrated at their cohort’s Graduate Showcase.

Live Instruction

During instruction, the Lead Instructor’s face is the main focus on the external monitor while introducing the new lesson, with the classmates off to the side. The Lead Instructor shares their screen while the classmates’ faces are off to the side while demoing code.

Live Exercises

The Lead Instructor and all the students remain in the virtual classroom as they tackle the exercises. When students need help, they can send a chat message, and the Lead Instructor jumps into a one-on-one video conference to privately answer student questions. The students can ask instructors or each other for help and get the immediate feedback that is critical to learning.

Career Support

After graduation, Actualize provides students the opportunity to work on their job hunt in a structured environment with expert career guidance and accountability. Students will engage in a Job Hacking system, including professional networking and personal branding, and real coding interview challenges. Let’s continue with Actualize Coding Bootcamp Price below.

Actualize Coding Bootcamp Price

Actualize Coding Bootcamp Price

Actualize online, and in-person bootcamp costs $13,900. Students also have to pay a $1,000 non-refundable deposit. There are three ways to pay off Actualize’s fee.

Upfront Payment

A student can opt to pay for the entire fee upfront and receive a $500 discount on the $1000 non-refundable deposit.


Students can break up their tuition payments into three installments without accrual of any interest. The fees will be spaced by intervals, with the final payment will take place before graduation.


Actualize can provide an optional tuition financing program called TuitionFlex, whereby the school is offering to finance the tuition over three years. Depending on the student’s financial and credit history, the monthly payments may range from about $409 to $452 if approved.

There are no traces of any type of Income-Share plan in their financing options. Keep reading Actualize Bootcamp Review to find the people’s review.

Final Note

In summary, Actualize offers three types of payment options. Students can choose between Upfront Payment, Installment options, and Financing while there are no ISA options available as of now. Actualize provides the best of coding bootcamps to its students with such diverse pricing plans at a very nominal price range. 

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